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The growing importance of video customer communications

04 Apr 2018

How do you deliver messages to your customers?

Chances are it hardly involves the postman these days. With the likes of social media, blogs, email and contact centres, you’re spoilt for choice with the ways you can talk to customers. And when you communicate clearly and consistently through all of these channels, you create opportunities to interact and strengthen your relationship with them.

Today we’re putting corporate videos in the spotlight.

Corporate videos are valuable and useful tools for your organisation. They’re a great way to spread content and grow awareness of your brand, products and services. But it’s easy to neglect the small details that make a big impact – particularly when it comes to audio.

Unless you have your own in-house creative team, we recommend you use a company that specialise in producing audio for corporate videos. (Apparently Customer Touch Point knows a thing or two…) Shameless plug aside – however you decide to produce your video, here are a few nuggets that will help you on your way:

What’s the point? 

Think about the audience you’re talking to and what it is you want to say. Whilst videos are useful, there’s no point having one for the sake of it. A thoughtless or badly produced video can be more damaging to your brand than not having one at all. So what’s the message you’re trying to deliver? Nail it down and keep it clear. That way you’ll capture the right audience and achieve your end goals.

Mind your language

This one’s about tone of voice. Yes we’re always harping on about it (as you can see here Why Does Tone Of Voice Matter? or even here The Commercial Benefits of Tone Of Voice) but it’s a gem. Your tone of voice shows your brand personality and keeps consistency across all platforms. It’s the creative glue that holds everything together. So when you’re crafting your script, think about the words you use, the personality you inject and the voice-over you choose to represent your brand.

How does it sound?

We’re not shy about the fact that WE LOVE GOOD AUDIO here at Customer Touch Point. It’s a powerful tool that’s often overlooked. Visuals can look super snazzy, but if the sound makes your ears squint (that’s a thing, right?), it basically rains on the parade. Watch a film with the volume too low, or imagine a constant crackle over your favourite song. How does that feel? Exactly. Audio affects the way people receive your message and perceive your brand. It affects the way they feel. So it’s crucial to get it right.

So, key ingredients?

As well as the visuals – thoughtful scripting, a professionally recorded voice-over and appropriate music all work together to create an engaging and on brand corporate video, which in turn leads to a good return on investment.

If you’re thinking about making a video and need help with your audio, scripting or music, drop us a line here . We have a bunch of experienced copywriters, audio producers and voice-artists who’d love to help deliver your message.*

*We probably should have included a video in this blog. You can listen to our voice samples here though

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