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Integrating SMS and Messaging With Telephony

05 Dec 2017

Great opportunity for integrating SMS. My mobile broadband provider was hacked in November. I have not had a single piece of outbound communication from them explaining what happened or telling me if I was affected or not. I did however receive a text from my bank  letting me know that they  recognised I am a customer of the mobile company and as such they have monitored my account for any suspicious activity. Fortunately there hasn’t been any. This is very poor from the mobile company but brilliant from the bank.

Integrating SMS

This really reminded me how integrating SMS or other digital messaging can add a lot of value to customers. Making end to end journeys easier, helping channel shift and reduce cost of contact (all of which are core goals of Customer Touch Point).

Using the hack example, I called the mobile provider three times. This was mostly because I had to queue for so long, on the first two attempts I gave up.  A quick text from them (after all they do have my number) as part of a wider communication and security strategy would have re-assured me.  Thus preventing those three calls coming in.

Impact due to poor customer experience

Having handled this so badly I have no doubt, when the contracts come up for renewal many of their customers will give another provider a chance before renewing. You must be there when your customers need you or people lose their trust in you. A penny or two on a quick message could have saved them a lot of negative feedback, problems and money.

Every cloud………

From the bank’s point of view, their message was unexpected and even more appreciated because of it. It made me feel as though they are on the case, increased my trust in them and meant I didn’t have to call to find out if there was a problem. All those benefits from 1 text.

Our team have a wide range of experience of integrating SMS or messaging into telephone journeys and have achieved results such as 35% increase in net promoter scores or reduced call volumes by over 40%, shifting them to digital channels. If this is an area of focus for you and you would like to learn more we’d love to hear from you. Just click here 

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