The influence of background music on customer behaviour

Background Music is all around us, in pubs, hotels, restaurants, shops, airports, shopping centres, leisure centre and many more places.  Most of the time consumers don’t take much notice of it, more importantly they don’t notice how it is being used to influence their behaviour.

Influencing Behaviour

When used well, background music can be a powerful marketing tool.  More often than not consumers only pay attention to what they can see, smell or touch because these senses are predominantly in the conscious mind. Good background music works with the sub-conscious mind: or to put it another way it is heard but not actively listened to. If a consumer is consciously aware of your background music it is most likely having a negative impact on them.  Your background music is a key element in creating the right ambience for your customers and influencing their behaviour through positive emotional connections.  Once your customers are engaged emotionally you can then start to influence them in a positive way.(influence being to ‘influence the outcome of an interaction so that both parties benefit)

Right v Wrong

Whilst background music is a great engagement tool and can have positive impacts on your consumers behaviour when done well, it can equally have a negative impact on their behaviour when it’s done badly. Picking the wrong music or playing it too loudly for your demographic or playing songs with inappropriate lyrics can all have this effect and can be the difference between someone buying or not, returning or not and recommending you or not. However, if you get your music right then you and your customers will feel the benefit.

The key to getting it right

The first thing to remember is the music is not for you but for your consumers, just because you or your staff may like a particular song or style this does not mean your consumers will. The second thing to remember is your brand and what you stand for, does your music align with your brand, does it compliment your brand and is it sending out the right message? Thirdly put yourself in the mindset of your consumers, look at the demographics, does this change depending during the day, during sales promotions or at the weekend? For example if you know the demographic of your consumers on a Tuesday is male and female over 65 then perhaps playing the UK Top 40 chart is not appropriate. Whereas if you have a trendy venue and the demographic are millennial’s then perhaps the most up to date chart and dance music is more aligned with what you need. It is all about putting your customers in the best frame of mind and showing you understand them through your choice of music.

Style v Song

Choosing an eclectic mix of songs is a very laborious and a difficult way of profiling music for your brand. Choosing a style of music can be much easier and ultimately more rewarding. Once you have chosen the style/genre of music to suit your brand and demographic you can make a playlist based on this. Everyone has different emotional trigger points one person may like a song because it reminds them of their first dance at their wedding whereas someone may not like a song because it was played at their fathers funeral. This is where the consumer becomes emotionally connected and engaged, where you have the opportunity to influence their behaviour and use music to add value to your business.

Engage to Influence

Before you can influence your consumers you have to engage them, given that background music mostly sits in your consumers subconscious this can be a tough ask.  Customer Touch Point specialise in customer engagement through Background Music using the latest in technology and our unique ‘engage to influence’ design method, contact us to find out more

Customer Touch Point Music

Customer Touch Point can make choosing the right music much easier for you and here are a few ways we do that.

  1. Millions of tracks & ready made playlists

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