Sonic Branding - logos for the ears.

01 Jun 2018.

Sonic Branding! What’s this then? We’re all ears…

A Sonic logo is a short melodic tune that’s used to reinforce a brand’s identity through Sonic Branding. It’s like a logo, but for your ears. You hear them on the radio whilst you’re stuck in traffic, when you load up Netflix in the evening after a long day at work, or when you hear the kids switch on their games console when they should be in bed… These tiny tunes are usually between 3-5 notes long and are sprinkled into your day, often without you thinking about it. Crafty little things.

Let’s play a game…

Have a listen and see if you recognise the brands that these sonic logos belong to. There’s no real prize here, but give yourself a pat on the back if you get them all. Answers at the bottom*

Sound 1 

Sound 2

Sound 3

Sound 4

As you’ll hear from the sounds above, sonic logos are sticky and easy to remember. When you hear the sound, it triggers the memory of that brand or experience. They provide strong associations. And they’re really handy, because just like a visual logo or a tone of voice, (why does tone of voice matter) these nifty little sounds are used across different platforms to form part of the brand’s identity

Making the most of sound

One of the great things about sonic logos is that they’re so flexible. This means you could be getting more out of them by using them across more personal and direct customer touch points – such as the contact centre. The reality is that sometimes people see the contact centre experience as being a little detached to the flashy ads you see on TV – but the contact centre is still one of the most direct ways for a customer to interact with a brand, and these interactions can often make or break their relationship with the brand. A positive experience here can be reason alone to choose one brand over another. Imagine the customer has heard your brand’s sonic logo bouncing around on a TV or radio advert. They then dial in to speak to your contact team and hear that recognisable tune welcome them on the phone, or when they connect to your live chat. Hearing that sound can help join the dots and make that customer feel connected to the brand throughout their whole journey. So just like you use the right words, voice-over and music on your IVR, there’s room to use the sonic logo too. And there’s huge benefit to using it in your company podcast and on your corporate videos too. Hearing those distinct miniature melodies in all of these places helps to streamline the brand experience across all platforms.

The moral of the story…

If your company has a sonic logo, see if you can get your hands on it. It’s a powerful tool. And if you need help creating one, or with any creative or technical aspect of your customer  journey – chat to us at Customer Touch Point We’d love to help. * Here are the answers to the sonic logos you heard:
  1. McDonald’s
  2. We Buy Any Car
  3. Netflix
  4. Intel
How many did you get right?
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