Benefits of omni-channel

By Rick Kirkham, 11 Dec 2018

Rick Kirkham, Customer Touch Point

Many companies say they offer omnichannel communications but what they really have is a multichannel approach. Delivering an omnichannel solution means a customer can contact you through their channel of choice and their history will travel with them seamlessly and instantly. There are significant benefits in delivering an omnichannel solution but it is cited in many reports as being one of the biggest challenges organisations face today.

There is good news however, because there are a number of new technologies which make it much easier to implement.  They reduce the need for expensive and time consuming integrations with ‘plug and play’ or ‘wrap around’ solutions now available. These help you take a giant leap towards the omnichannel solution your customers expect.  It means you can serve them wherever they are.  In a way that delivers a great experience but also reduces overall cost of contact (the dual goals of all Customer Touch Point solutions) see our methodology here

Choosing The Right Omnichannel Solution

When choosing an omnichannel  solution for your contact centre, look for a single interface for multiple channels.

  • SMS
  • Phone calls
  • In-app chat
  • Email (if using)
  • Messaging apps
  • Social media and more.

This enables you to add new channels to your contact centre as they become popular and also create custom channels easily. The Omnichannel solution should also give you complete visibility and management of your customer interactions across all channels.  Providing a single omnichannel solution dashboard  to set your teams up for success and  deliver an engaging, personalised experience on every contact.

Benefits of an OmniChannel Solution

We know that any new development in an operation needs a strong business case so here are a few benefits of having an omnichannel solution that will help you develop yours.

  1. Multiple Channels but a Single View of the Customer

A single view of the customer makes support more efficient and provides better customer analytics by understanding customer preferences and behaviour ‘in the moment’

  1. Enhanced Brand Image

Proactively answering customer comments at all the touch-points, and being aware of the changes in customer sentiment, can go a long way in creating a brand image that you would like for your business.

  1. Enhanced Customer Engagement

Opening up all the channels of communication with your customers and proactively being a part of the dialogue is the first step towards customer engagement, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. This can be done only through a multi-channel customer care contact centre.

  1. Faster Support

A key trait of today’s multi-channel customers it that they are impatient and need instant gratification. They jump from channel to channel with relative ease and expect the businesses to do so as well. By being available at all the customer touch-points you can nip most customer issues in the bud quickly and cheaply.

  1. More Effective Marketing Campaigns

When your customers contact you as a result of a marketing campaign your teams will already be prepared.  They will have the information about the products or services the customer showed interest in when they clicked on a  link or opened a page.  This helps you to maximise every contact from every campaign

  1. Deeper Customer Analytics and Contact Centre Analytics

With a single point of access to all the customer information, a knowledge bank of customer behaviour, history, and common questions asked results in better customer analytics. This means insight and the ability to predict behaviour all become more effective.

  1. Better Up-sell and Cross-sell Opportunities

With a hand on the pulse of the customer sentiment, agents are in a better position to offer the right advice, and also suggest the associated products or services that might be useful for the customer. In a multi-channel contact centre, agents have past knowledge of how the customer has interacted with the company so far and can provide advice or suggestions intelligently.  Which has a positive impact on each interaction.

  1. Maximized Performance of Each Agent

In a multi-channel contact centre, utilising an omnichannel solution means everything happens through a single application.  Resulting in a single version of the customer data; this makes it easier for the agents to multi-task and move as swiftly across channels as the customer does.

Customer Touch Point helps on your journey to delivering an omnichannel customer experience.  This is achieved through initial strategy development, requirements gathering,  business case development, solution selection,  implementation, journey design and ongoing  interaction management.


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