Mind the Gap

By Rick Kirkham, 02 Jan 2019.

Rick Kirkham, Customer Touch Point

What Is The Gap

Having worked on a lot of projects with major brands in a wide variety of sectors, one thing often stands out, the gap between marketing and the customer contact operation. More often than not marketing and customer contact departments are disconnected and this is a real missed opportunity. A brand to us is the psychological and emotional relationship a customer has with you before they call and if harnessed effectively this is a very powerful force for business value.

The Damage A Gap Can Cause

If there is a gap it can cause real difficulties on the customer contact and marketing effectiveness fronts.  If a customer sees your adverts, youtube channel or any other above the line communication, that sets the expectation in their mind and whether they buy into that or not. If they choose to contact you they have bought in to it and they have an expectation as to the service and experience they will receive.

Customer Experience

If the experience they actually receive is different it puts doubt in their mind, are you really who they say you are, can they trust you, should they continue or try someone else? These are all emotions that lead to negative outcomes for the caller and for the organisation.  They happen because the marketing strategy is not delivered through each and every customer contact. The focus is sometimes on paying for the expensive TV ads, youtube videos and press advertising but the IVR voice, chat script or web journey gets left behind and can be seen as an unnecessary cost.


However, if you link it all together and think about customer contact at an individual level,  each phone call or chat that has a tone of voice aligned  to your high level brand, uses the same kind of words and generates the same kind of emotions, strengthens that relationship and increases the chances of a positive call outcome. Multiply that by, 1,10 or 100,000 calls per week and you have created a very powerful, ‘win win’ customer contact proposition.

Win Win

It delivers a great experience for your customers and it maximises every contact for you. What works is different in each organisation but our proven methodology will help you to do just that. Think ‘win win’, think Customer Touch Point…

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