I know you have a website.
I've been there already

By Rick Kirkham, 05 March 2019.

Rick Kirkham, Customer Touch Point

I tweeted a few nights ago having done some ‘life admin’, I was surprised (and perhaps irritated by) the amount of organisations who were telling me to go to their website before they even knew my reason for calling. In fact the tweet went like this…


We know from customer feedback we help our customers gather and from live call listening we do on our projects, trying to blanket deflect customers to your website is ineffective and actively irritates the caller. Having tweeted that out I thought I’d do a little research to see if the stats back up our version of the truth, opinion or not.  The most robust set of stats on this specific question I could find was in research conducted by Contact Babel for the 2018/19 Contact Centre Decision makers Guide and can be seen in the chart below.


We can see in these figures a high proportion of callers have already tried to resolve their enquiry online and failed, which is why they have called. To have tried to self-serve online and immediately be told to ‘go to our website’ understandably frustrates and irritates callers.  Once a caller is irritated your ability to influence is greatly reduced (you can read more about that here) and the chances of a successful outcome are significantly reduced.

Channel Shift

So if trying to channel shift by telling people to go to the website has a negative impact, what can be done instead? Firstly, think about using technology which brings the customer history with them from the website to the phone journey so that you know more about why they are calling. This makes the customer feel understood, saves them having to repeat information and also reduces the length of the call and creates operational savings (a little more about that here ). If this isn’t possible yet then we would suggest reducing effort in your telephone journey as much as you possibly can and if you have to give additional information, only do this once you know why the customer is calling you and where you are going to route the call.

Customer Touch Point are all about creating ‘win win’ customer journeys that improve experience and reduce cost to serve at the same time and if you have objectives in this area do get in touch, we’d be delighted to help