Customers Want To Self Serve - But It Has To Be Their Choice

Channel Shift

A lot of customer contact operations are tasked with driving down cost and to do this are looking to generate channel shift to lower cost channels.  This may be moving answered voice calls to phone based self serve, or from phone to digital channels.  We do a lot of work in this area and have achieved some very significant results.

What Is The Key To Doing This Effectively

Well, the key is to make sure customers feel you are happy to communicate with them however they want to. The second a customer feels like you have put barriers up, their propensity to want to talk to you on the phone increases.  This happens when they sense you are making it difficult to talk to you and the trust in that interaction is quickly eroded. Trust is everything and if they don’t trust they system (IVR, chat, bot etc) they will want to talk to a human being.  This is the only way they will feel like their enquiry has been resolved.

Self Serve

This becomes an oxymoron, that you increase self-serve by making customers feel as though they don’t have to. It sounds strange but it’s very true and when built into your pre-agent contact strategy, your tone of voice, your IVR and chat scripts become extremely effective.  The thing is, you can only influence customer behaviour once you have engaged them.  Once you have made them feel like they trust the interaction they will go with your desired route because it’s the natural thing to do. How you do this differs by brand, by product, by reason for contact. 

Our Methodology

Using the Customer Touch Point Methodology you can do this and enhance your customer experience while reducing the overall cost of contact. Estimates for the cost of staffing for inbound phone calls in the UK range from £2.50 to £4.00 per call.  The cost to serve through telephony self serve is approx. 15 pence per call.  What would reducing your cost of contact from £2.50 to 15 pence do for you? Talk to us and let’s see how this will work for you

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