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Why do customer touch points matter so much?

29 Oct 2018

Customer touch points

Why Do Customer Touch Points Matter So Much?

We have designed hundreds of customer journeys focusing on the key customer touchpoints.  Customer Touch Point have also worked as part of many different contact centre teams. Operating across a wide variety of sectors (Healthcare, Financial Services, Local Authority, Housing Association, Retail, Hospitality and Travel to name a few). We understand just how much time, effort and talent goes into building, managing and maintaining a customer service or contact centre operation.

Customer Journey Redesign

We have also learned through many years and many 100’s of customer journey redesign projects that an organisations customer touch points can be ‘the difference that makes the difference’. That is the difference between delivering a great experience and not. The difference between strengthening the relations with your customers or not. Ultimately the difference between achieving your goals and objectives or not. This is why we called ourselves Customer Touch Point.

Customer Engagement

We were founded in September 2016 by Rick Kirkham, to help organisations either fix problems with, or drive more value from, their customer contact. We’re now 2 years old and are lifting the lid on our methodology.  At the heart of it all is a deep understanding of how to engage customers and then to influence their behaviour.

Defining Influence

Now, it’s important here to define influence.  For us influence is to ‘to affect the outcome of an interaction so that both parties benefit’. This means we always think ‘win win’ and design journeys that work for your customers and for you.  Delivering experience while reducing the overall cost of contact

If you are a customer contact professional and are building a business case for a customer journey project there is good news. There is a lot of clear evidence to demonstrate the commercial value of generating the right kind of emotions at your customer touchpoints.  Here are a few to help you get started….


Of customers that are delighted with their experience of your journey….

87% are more likely to purchase from you again and 71% will forgive you after a mistake. 87% will trust you and 65% are more likely to try brand new products and services.

Your CX Audit

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