Achieving Cost Reduction Through Channel Shift

Many businesses are looking for new ways to reduce the cost of customer contact without impacting negatively on their customer experience. One of the key areas we work in is channel shift – moving customers from agent answered phone calls to self serve telephony or to digital channels. 


We have a lot of experience of achieving channel shift for complex multi site operations in retail, travel, financial services, housing and local authority sectors. Understanding how to change long-standing customer behaviour is fascinating, challenging and rewarding all at the same time. So what is the key to doing it successfully? Trust.

Self Serve

Many people will self-serve for non emotional transactions if it’s easy enough for them.  However, based on experience (and backed up by research), the phone is still the most trusted channel for a lot of people. So the key here is to tap into that trust and keep hold of it as the customer moves to phone based self serve or a digital channel. Give them a consistent, brand aligned, reliable, low effort experience though the ‘shift’ and rest of the journey and they will use that channel again next time.

Return on Investment

The tricky part is often working out how to make these changes to suit your environment, your system architecture and your customer base. Customer Touch Point have a proven methodology to help you navigate the complexities and in most cases work with what you already have in place. This approach has created significant cost savings, has reduced the time taken to achieve return on investment on new self serve applications and has increased customer satisfaction on journeys we have implemented.

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