Corporate Podcasts (Part 2)

23 Jul 2018

Corporate Podcasts – we’re still all over them. In our last blog post we talked about making corporate podcasts part of your internal communications. They’re the perfect way to share industry knowledge, to train and develop, promote company culture and encourage employee well-being. Plus, they’re easy to share with everyone – desk workers, those on different sites, employees on the road and those who work remotely. So while we’re back on the subject, we’d like to share a few nuggets of pod-wisdom to help you if you are thinking of putting together your own corporate podcasts.

Your goals and objectives

Are there any desired outcomes you’d like your corporate podcasts to achieve – either for the company, department or your team? As with any project it’s good to know what your goals and objectives are. This will keep you on track and help you make decisions along the way. Think about how you’ll measure this too.

Corporate Podcasts Content

Well-made corporate podcasts with meaningful content gives the listener something to connect with. Think about your audience and what they need. What features will you have and how will you make it relevant? Remember who you’re talking to and what will add value to their day in some way. Always reach out for feedback too and make it interactive, so you know what’s working and that it fits the needs of your audience.

Format and forward planning

Give yourself a head start and plan away. Think about how many episodes you’ll make, how often you’ll make them and how they’ll link together. You’ll need to think about the format of your show, including the general running order, the different features and segments, and how long each episode will be (20-30 minutes often hits the sweet spot). Planning ahead means you can coincide your corporate podcasts with any events, releases or new software and processes going on within the company or industry. And don’t forget to decide who’ll be hosting the show (by the way, what are corporate podcasts called?)

Technical nit-bits

Technology these days means we can capture things at the press of a button, wherever and whenever. Of course this is great, but producing corporate podcasts for your staff needs a decent level of audio quality – not a quick interview in the corridor on your smartphone. Bad quality is distracting, and may give the impression that you’re not investing in your product. A company that specialises in audio production (like us) is a good start to help produce your corporate podcasts, as they’ll thrive from all the nerd-glory that goes into it. But if you fancy giving it a spin yourself, here are a few technical bits to consider:

Recording – It’s good to invest in a decent microphone that plugs into your laptop using a USB. The good news is that you don’t have to spend too much on a mic to get a sound that’ll work for you. Remember to think about where you’ll record your corporate podcasts too, and the acoustics of the room. Ideally you’ll need somewhere small and quiet with carpeted floor and soft furnishing such as cushions, curtains, wall hangings and rugs to absorb the sound. It’s best to stay away from spacious rooms with hard surfaces such as wooden floors, windows and tiles. Don’t forget to get some headphones so you can pick out any unwanted sounds or disturbances and check that everything is sounding as good as possible.

Editing – This is the stage to polish your corporate podcasts. Here you can get rid of unwanted sounds and background noise, cut out bits of content that’s not needed, play around with the order and make sure the volume and levels are consistent. The editing process is where you can add any extra bits and pieces like music and sound effects too, as we mention in the next section.

Audio sprinkles

This is where you add some extra character and tie it all together using editing software. If you have a sonic logo for your company, use that at the start of your podcasts so it’s identifiable with the brand. If you haven’t got one but would like one, we can help you create one for your corporate podcasts. Then, think about the music you might use – as an intro, an outro or running underneath if suitable. You’ll need to make sure the music is the right pace and tone for your content and that it suits your company’s tone of voice. If the music is playing underneath the voice, you don’t want it to distract the listener from the content – so choose an instrumental track for this, and check that it’s not too loud. There is plenty of good quality  royalty free music available and we can help you find the right track for your corporate podcasts.

There’s a lot of fun to be had when making corporate  podcasts, and they bring a wealth of value to your team and company. Plus it’s a great opportunity for people to learn, share, get involved and interact with each other. If you’d like to talk to us about putting together your corporate podcasts, our audio producers would be more than happy to help and you can get in touch here.

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