Corporate Podcasts (Part 1)

10 Jul 2018

Not that many years ago, the podcast was but a small seed in the eager ear of the audio world. But my, how it’s grown. From gripping investigative journalism series such as ‘Serial’, to comedies like ‘Scummy Mummies’  and witty educational series ‘The Infinite Monkey Cage’, we’re plugging in and pressing play. We’re listening on the way to work, as we cook, while we relax… basically anytime and anywhere.

But what’s a podcast?

If you happened to have missed it, let’s bring you up to speed. Podcasts are pre-recorded audio shows. You can stream them online or download the audio file to your computer, phone or mp3 player and listen on the go. They’re broken down into episodes, each one usually varying from 30-60 minutes. And they’re gloriously flexible – so you can choose when to listen to suit your schedule, have it on it the background or dip in and out as you please.

For brands creating podcasts for consumers, they’re an excellent way to engage, inform, educate and share insight from within the industry. They’re a great way to subtly promote products and services too. This form of content helps widen the social media offering, attract a loyal audience and strengthen the brand.

A missed audience

Let’s take a look at the people sat beside you, behind you, above you – all around you. Your staff. We mustn’t overlook your employees as an important audience to talk to, which is why podcasts can be enjoyed as a valuable part of internal communications. So just like you have email newsletters, the intranet or a company magazine, podcasts are a fun and exciting way to engage with your own team/department/company. And what’s better, is while it’s important to get the best quality possible – podcasts don’t have to be expensive to make. They’re much more affordable than videos and quite often, people are happier to be involved as it’s less daunting than being in front of the camera (and you don’t have to do your hair). Podcasts are a great way to create a buzz, form a talking point and encourage staff members to get involved.

So how can we use them in the workplace?

Share knowledge and expertise:

Whipping together a podcast (technical term) is a great way to educate your employees about the industry or sector you work in. It’s a stimulating way to share industry news, techniques, and promote and teach staff about new products and services. And you can use it as a way to share the story behind the brand and encourage your company values.

Training and development:

There’s always something new to learn, and your podcast is a superb way to help your team develop. By doing a little research you can find out what they’d like to learn more about, which means the content will be driven by the needs of the audience (your team). Podcasts are really useful as training tools, and sharing information on new guidelines or processes. Plus, staff can give feedback, ask questions and suggest topics for the next episode. So it feels current, relevant and interactive.

Promote employee culture and well-being.

Your podcast doesn’t have to be strictly business. Believe it or not, there’s more to the workplace than targets and time sheets. You can use your podcast to promote positivity and well-being in the workplace, and to help your staff be more motivated, productive and creative. After all, the top way to get the best out of your team is to make sure they feel valued and cared about. Your podcast is also a good way to promote events, social engagements, charity work, new job postings and staff recognition too – you can treat it like a hub for all things employee related.

Get to know each other

What exactly is it that they do on the 3rd floor? It’s easy to get absorbed in your own roles and departments. So why not use your podcast as a way to educate employees about the company and show how everyone plays their part. It helps people be aware of the bigger picture. So in your podcast, you can hold interviews with people in different roles across the company. This invites people to participate, and opens up new interactions and opportunities.


If you couldn’t already tell, we’re a fan of the podcast – especially in the workplace. They’re so flexible, which means people can listen on the way to work, whilst sorting their emails or in-between calls. And you may have heard us mention this before, but – audio is a powerful tool. Just like the radio, podcasts feel more personal and direct, like a one-to-one. This helps to forge a deeper connection between the broadcaster and the listener. This is why, as always, it’s important to get the sound right. So in our next blog we’ll share a few tips and tricks to help you put together a podcast.

If you’d like help before then, or would like to speak to us about producing a podcast for you – get in touch. Our audio producers would love to help contact us