Benefits of omni-channel

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BLOG. 11 Dec 2018. Read the blog to discover more on omni-channel, how to choose the right solution and understand the benefits.

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Customer Touchpoints

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BLOG: 29 Oct 2018. Why do customer touch points matter so much? Find out in this blog from Customer Touch Point.

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Corporate Podcasts (Part 2)

BLOG: 23 Jul 2018. We’d like to share a few more nuggets of podcast wisdom to help you if you're thinking of putting together your own corporate podcasts.

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Creativity On Hold

BLOG: 28 Jun 2018. We’ve all been in a queue, waiting patiently whilst the agent is “busy helping other customers”. Sure there's a better use for on hold and background audio?

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NPS Or Effort?

BLOG: 09 Jun 2018. NPS - the good and the bad. When to use it and when to find an alternative customer feedback method.

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